Kish Airline


Message of the Managing Director

Convincing performance of Kish Airline is the fruit of non-stop efforts of its expert and loyal staffs who spare no efforts to provide you with the best services in the framework of a convenient and safe flight. Considering and materializing safety and convenience in Kish Airline flights have resulted in improving the level of services of the airline in comparison to its rivals and also in extending its IOSA certificate for the fourth time. As the steerer of transportation in the beautiful Kish Island (Persian Gulf Pearl), Kish Airline tries to keep high passenger transportation standards as a whole through taking advantage of a modern fleet which deserves Iranian great people. Kish Airline tries to cooperate with the international program of Clean World managed by ICAO and IATA through managing both energy and fuel and maintaining environmental coefficients. It is while the 20-year outlook plan has asked the Kish Airline to be among the best airlines of the free zones and Persian Gulf region by 2025. Hence all plans and programs and facilities of Kish Airline have been arranged to achieve this goal.

Regarding the considerable potentials of Kish Island and other Iran’s free zones in various areas particularly tourism, industry and trade on the one hand and hefty oil and gas resource on the other hand and also position of Kish Island as a center to hold splendid regional and international seminars and conferences, there is a unique opportunity for a considerable development for Kish Island. We hope to act successfully with efforts of all colleagues and relying on Almighty God.

Looking for a future full of kindness, convenience, safety for all
“Have A Nice Trip with Kish Airline”

Vice President of Board of Directors and Managing Director
Capt.saeed reza nasrfard