Kish Airline


About Kish Air

With the aim of developing Kish Island activities through making connection with other province capitals of Iran and Persian Gulf littoral states, Kish Airline was founded in 1991. After registering and taking legal permissions, Kish Airline, a private joint stock company, started to work as an affiliated company of Kish Free Zone Organization with only two rental aircrafts since May 1991.
After foundation and launching period, Kish Airline started to develop when its management was changed in late 1993. Recruiting experienced experts and meeting economical considerations and continuous activity helped the airline not only to solve its problems, but also to achieve considerable developments in trade, operations, airport technical services and logistics which in turn resulted in a proper condition for more achievements.
After two successful preliminary stages, the third stage, called revision and development, started when the management was changed once more in 1997.The Aircrafts of kish air consists of 7 Boeing MD 3 Fokker 100  2 Airbus 320  2 Airbus 321 and 1 Boeing 737. Finally the changed monetary policies of the Central Bank of Iran, stopping allocation of governmental currency and increased rate of exchange made the Iranian airlines unable to maintain their aircrafts and to arrange the shortest flights. Thus, in order to avoid possible damages Kish Airline started to decrease its rental aircrafts and instead increased the flight time of the remained ones. This stage can be referred to as the fourth stage in which a new strategy was taken to get rid of the crisis.
Pressures due to high-rate rents encouraged the management of Kish Airline to consider the option of buying its own aircrafts. Reaching complete independency, entrepreneurship, enhancing security were other incentives encouraged Kish Airline to purchase aircrafts, to recruit Iranian flight attendants instead of foreigners and to carry out engineering works by Iranian engineers. Although this process was time-consuming, expensive and cumbersome, it was followed by several positive outcomes especially economic outcomes for the airline, Kish Free Zone Organization and the country as a whole.
Now we are in the fifth stage of the Kish Airline history in which the management has succeeded to improve its new strategy whose fruits are the increased fleet of the airline and the replaced Eastern aircrafts with western ones. Enjoying all necessary international standards, Kish Airline is a member of IATA that has IATA Operational Safety Audit program (IOSA). Kish Airline staffs play a significant role in serving customers and they pledge their every effort to increase the passengers’ satisfaction level.