Kish Airline



It is widely accepted that transportation is the most important tool for development in each economic project, and air transportation, thanks to its high speed in distribution and its easy usage, plays a special role in this area. Growing trend of air transportation industry in the world, increasing growth of airlines in the Persian Gulf littoral countries and also broad investments in order to underpin aviation industry infrastructures of the region have made heavier mission and responsibilities of authorities practicing in this field; Because as the country’s 20-year development plan specifies and the special mission of Kish Airline to offer air services and to develop free zones, from Chabahar Port to Abadan City which cover most of commercial, industrial and tourism achievements, IRI needs to achieve the first rank in terms of air transportation of passengers and cargos in the region.

Regarding the position of Kish Airline for all free zones of Iran, it is necessary to make a condition in which free zones and Kish Airline enjoy services and facilities of each other. Since tourism is among the main and initial objectives of Kish Free Zone Organization, Kish Airline is able to play a considerable role in tourism industry of Kish Island in particular and of other trade and industrial free zones in general. Promotion and development of commercial, constructional and tourism activities in Kish Island are somehow depends on increasing capacity of Kish Airline, as a part of air transportation industry, which is necessary to provide proper services and to attract passengers’ satisfaction through meeting all standards and extending its fleet. Planning on-time flights, meeting safety considerations and using international standards verify this fact. Therefore, an outlook has been planned in order to achieve higher levels both qualitatively and quantitatively which includes the following items:

•    Helping the Kish Island to achieve a sustainable development;
•    Achieving plans defined in the comprehensive plan and outlook plan of 2025;
•    Developing Trade-Industrial Free Zones and Special Commercial Zones from Chabahar Port to Abadan City through underpinning air transportation infrastructures;
•    Covering all free zones and meeting needs relevant to air travels;
•    Maximizing safety level of fleet, technical equipment and passengers;
•    Enhancing operational, commercial and technical ties with other companies;
•    Defining electronic services mechanism as the linchpin of the airline