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Credit card

Introducing the Credit Card
Fly Now, Pay Later  

Credit card is considered as a very effective economic, security and banking tool by which making commercial relations are facilitated and financial expenses caused by the destroyed banknotes and monetary risks are mitigated. Thus, customers can purchase products and services relying on their credit value defined by banks and then pay the costs later. Banks allocate a line of credit to the applicants which can be used to pay the costs. Kish Airline passengers can use their credit cards to purchase flight tickets from the airline.


Introducing Kish Airline Credit Card

As the first Iranian Airline credit card, Kish Airline Credit Card is issued in order to meet the travel costs in the framework of credit facilities only for Kish Airline passengers. As a pervasive plan, this project is carried out in association with the operating banks. Currently these cards can be issued only in the form of group cards in the first phase and Kish Airline credit cards are issued as organizational cards.

Airline Special Credit Card is an international successful experience; however although most international airlines have their own credit cards, this project has not been executed in Iran by the Iranian airlines so far; Thus execution of this project by Kish Airline may introduce it as a pioneer airline in providing new services in the airline industry.