Kish Airline




Enjoying more than 20 years experience in catering industry, Kish Airline Catering is considered as one of the biggest caterings of Iran. Taking advantage of cutting edge technologies and meeting all necessary and defined standards, Kish Airline Catering spares no efforts to provide its passengers with the best services.

Apart from its Tehran branch, presently Kish Airline Catering branch in Kish is active as well. The Kish Branch, which is equipped with all necessary equipment and more than 100 experienced, expert and committed staff, is providing various types of food services under supervision of food industry experts. Kish Airline Catering services are not only limited to meet the food and welfare needs of passengers and flight crew, but it serves other employees of Kish Airline and other domestic and international airlines. The catering provides more than different 10000 services in average every day. Using fresh and high quality raw materials, controlling the whole process of production and distribution of products, using services rendered by the qualified and verified labs of the Ministry of Health and Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran (ISIRI) to make sure about the quality and health of the foodstuff have made the catering differentiated from its counterparts.

Our Goals

In the current industrial world to which development of nutrition science and technology and the society’s need to health and natural foods are integral parts, Kish Airline Catering, which enjoys both the Iranian excellent taste and cuisines and the state-of-the-art technologies follows the global standards and preservation principles to provide its food services to its passengers. Keeping the excellent quality of both materials and services is one of the most important goals of the catering; this goal is among the unchangeable principles of the company.

Ensuring quality and health of foods as well as welfare of passengers are the main principles of Kish Airline Catering. Without doubt this is not only a slogan, but it is a thought and belief institutionalized in all staff from management to employees and maybe the best evidence to demonstrate this is the special viewpoint of the company to customer orientation mandate.

Catering is a complicated industry. An international restaurant has a broad range of customers from all nationalities. Serving foods, improving quality and garnishing are the last lost ring of the unknown industry. Although it may seem simple and trivial, the catering heart beats all day long and there are several compartments in the catering that try to serve clients with the high quality, diverse and distinguished services; Somehow Kish Airline Catering considers provision of the excellent services as a kind of reverence for its passengers. The catering believes that quality is the essence of each organization and passengers are the best guides to improve the performance and productivity of the organization.