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Banquet over the Clouds

Usually passengers experience very hard time before sitting in their seats in the plane; gridlock traffic from home to airport, waiting in the airport halls for several hours, heavy luggage, etc. are only some of such difficulties. As a result the first thing they want in the plane is tranquility and safety. Eating safe and proper foods can provide tranquility for human being. Thus, passengers of Kish Airline can be sure that hosting and serving passengers is as valuable as a gift a friend presents to his/her friend for the catering department.

While improving safety and quality of its products, Kish Airline Catering has considered special and bonus services for its passengers as follows:

  • Offering warm food services through all meals special for business class passengers;
  • Offering various warm foods proper with the Iranian taste and cuisines in all long internal and international flights;
  • In order to respect and meet the passengers needs, passengers of economy class can choose their warm foods and various drinks through long internal and international flights;
  • Serving warm sandwiches for the first time in Iran through short internal flights;
  • Serving a completely Iranian cold breakfast through all long internal and international flights;
  • Offering special food services as refreshment meal for patients suffering from diabetes through Tehran-Kish-Tehran airway.