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Introducing Kish free Zone Officials

The 30-year Kish development plan has been plotted in order to take optimally advantage of Kish capacities in terms of identification of opportunities, capabilities and limitations. In this regard both mid-term and short-term plans have intended to realize those objectives defined by article 1 of Free Zones’ Management statute, approved in 1994 by Islamic Legislative Assembly. The comprehensive plan, also approved by the Supreme National Urbanization Council, has set development outlooks of the zone which can be recognized as long-term objectives of the Kish Free Zone Organization.

Generalities and General Questions:

What is the comprehensive plan?

As the law of changing name of Ministry of Housing approved on July 7, 1974 specifies, Urban Comprehensive Plan is a long-term plan by which usage of lands and zonings of residential, industrial, commercial, administrative installations, public equipment and facilities areas and their priorities are set. Strategic Comprehensive Plan (A new approach to urban development plans); Strategic Comprehensive plan is a flexible and long-term document which provides guidelines for the future developments; New attitude to prepare urban development plans; An alternative for rough and inflexible standards of traditional comprehensive plans. 
Foundations of the comprehensive plan 
Supreme Council of Iran Architecture and Urbanization approval (September 3, 1990) Fee Zones Law Special Plans Position Special plans refer to the plans that have been devised for parts of the country where have special features because of their natural or man-made elements and or new development projects and their impacts on the region. Both comprehensive and special plans are approved by Supreme Council of Iran Architecture and Urbanization.

The council includes 12 ministers or their representatives as follows: Head of Supreme Council of Iran Architecture and Urbanization (Minster of Housing and Urban Development) 
Representative of Ministry of Housing and Urban Development (Secretary) 
Representative of Ministry of Energy 
Representative of Ministry of Interior