Kish Airline


Introducing Kish Free Zone Organization

Kish Free Zone operations and affairs are managed by an organization whose responsibilities have been defined and approved by the Supreme Council of Free Trade- Industrial Zones. The fundamental objectives of the organization are conducting the needed infrastructural works in the Island, helping to constructive development, improving economic development, generating helpful job opportunities, attracting both internal and international investments, setting both employment and commodity markets, facilitating active presence in the world market in order to develop non-petroleum exports, arranging condition for producing industrial products, launching processing industries and finally taking advantage of Kish Free Island special opportunities including general assembly, board of the directors, managing director, chairman of board of the directors and legal inspectors. The General Assembly sets the outline targets of the zone including issuing approval for foundation or dissolution of companies and their affiliated organizations, compiling and revising statutes, supervising the organization’s performance, appointing or dismissing members of boards of the directors and managing director and also setting the condition (value and method) for taking tolls from individuals and institutes and any kind of operation which is carried out in the Kish Island. Kish Free Zone is managed by a board of directors consisting of three or five members. The board of directors holds all powers, defined by the law addressing how to manage trade-industrial free zone, necessary for conducting commitments set by the statute. The most important commitments are setting the operation technique, concluding contracts, setting the condition to take tolls, setting the procedure to register companies and their industrial and intellectual properties, ships and airplanes (without making patents/monopolies). The board of directors also involves with determining land uses in the Free Zone, using, selling or transferring national resources according to the law and executive bylaws approved by the general assembly. Managing director of the Free Zone Organization who also is the chairman of BD is appointed among the members of BD by the President of IRI. His/her tenure is three years which can be extended for further three-year courses. The managing director is completely authorized to apply BD’s approvals and also to act as the representative of the Organization against the third parties. He/she ensures that good practices are maintained in the Free Zone and protects all rights and properties of the Organization.