Kish Airline


Essential information of travel

  • Online tickets can be issued if the bank in which the passenger has an account verifies the payment definitely; otherwise the reserved seat will be cancelled and online ticket will not be issued anymore.
  • Printing airway information by passengers and showing them to the front desk attendant in the airport is necessary.
  • Passengers need to keep the announced codes by the system and handing them to the flight control agent practicing in the airport
  • Personal information of passengers (e.g. first name, surname and age) must be exactly according to what has been written in their ID cards; otherwise the issued tickets will be cancelled.
  • Passengers for paying the price of tickets through the cards of Shetab Network have only 15 minutes time.
  • If the purchase process is conducted successfully, then the system announces the issued ticket’s serial numbers to passenger and then issues a receipt.
  • Passengers need to hand the receipt of their online purchase to the relevant agent at the airport.
  • Passengers need to present at all Iranian airports and free zone airports at least 120 and 150 minutes before flight, respectively.
  • Domestic flights of Kish Airline from Tehran City are arranged in terminal no.4 of the Mehrabad Airport.
  • Having a valid ID card is necessary for receiving the flight card for all passengers.
  • If the printed information about the age of child and infant passengers is wrong or not recorded, they will not be allowed to fly.
  • The allowed and free cargo for passengers who have seats is 20kg while for passengers without seats (infants) is 10 kg.
  • The maximum cabin luggage is 5 kg with size dimensions of 40 x55 x20 cm or 115 cm.
  • Airline’s personnel must be informed about any kind of failure (lost, damaged) of the luggage at the destination airport. It is obvious that if passengers leave the airport and then return and report any failure it will not born by the Kish Airline.
  • Having physician permission for pregnant women and people with cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, epilepsy or any other disease which makes flight forbidden for the patient is necessary before flight.