Kish Airline



Be careful to do not pick up others’ luggage and stuff accidentally when you arrive at your destination or leave the airport. Sometimes apparent similarity between baggages makes people confused, so to avoid such problems check the tags on your bags with your claim ticket after collecting your entire luggage. The information should match.

If your bags are lighter in terms of weight, damaged or lost report it to the officials working in the baggage department of Kish Airline or staff of the Kish Air contractor as soon as possible in order to start the necessary measures for the next follow-ups.

If your bag was not observed in the baggage carousel of the destination airport, report it to baggage department of Kish Airline before leaving the airport in order to start the necessary measures for searching your bag.

It is necessary to note that the liability of Kish Airline for damage to baggage, apart from what has been in the bags, and based on value of the contents and purchase invoice is US$ 20 per each kg. For international flights this amount is measured through converting the currency based on the country’s official exchange rate, while for the domestic flights it is measured based on the country’ regulations and is paid in rial.

To find information about the maximum free baggage allowance, for both domestic and international flights, you can refer to the allowance recorded on your ticket.

Please announce your excess baggage in the origin airport, because if your baggage is lost anyway, your claim only will be measured based on what has been recorded on your ticket.

When your baggage was weighted, check the special tag issued for each baggage attached on your bags and keep its receipt by yourself.

It is suggested to check your luggage very carefully before leaving the exit hall of the airport and report any failure to the officials of the airline who work at the same hall.

To prevent losing your baggage for any reason, please detach all tags which had been attached on your baggage through previous flights and let the tag of the upcoming flight only remain on your staff.