Kish Airline


How to Book Ticket

There are different channels in order to make reservation and purchase tickets from Kish Airlines as below: 

  • Central sales offices
    Kish Airlines own Sales Offices in Tehran and other cities give necessary information and help passengers to book and purchase tickets.
  • Travel Agencies

    Passengers can purchase tickets through travel agencies in Tehran and other cities that are in contract with the Kish Airlines. 

  • Kish Air Website
    Offering online ticket booking through the official website of Kish Airlines is one of the most important and new up-to-date services. For purchasing tickets, passengers may visit the website and complete required information after choosing available flight. The e-booking system of Kish Airlines is available 24/7 and it is possible to make payment by ATM (Shetab Network).


  • Phone

    All passengers in Tehran and other cities can purchase tickets by calling the sales offices of Kish Airlines