Kish Airline


Airport transfer


Airport transfer system is a new and added-value service which is supposed to be rendered to Kish Airline passengers from May 2014.

“Offering airport transfer services from passenger’s house to airport special for Kish Airline passengers.”

Special Services

  • Enjoying 5-star services (including getting services all day long in any condition and enjoying the best cars and drivers);
  • Ensuring available cabs special for Kish Airline passengers by two hours before flight;
  • Capability to online book airport transfer through website during online purchase of aircraft ticket;
  • Capability to book airport transfer by phone;
  • Ensuring available cabs special for Kish Airline passengers any time across all 22 districts of Tehran City;
  • Carrying luggage from home to cab and vice versa by the driver; loading and unloading luggage from cabs by the driver without any charge and extra fees;
  • Capability of receiving luggage of Kish air passengers from airport and delivering them to the owners without any charge;
  • Using the luxury car brands;
  • Using cooler system of cars without extra charges;
  • Capability to pay Tax fare through POSs installed in the Cabs;
  • Capability to buy e-charge for your mobile phones through POS without extra expense;
  • Using GPS when passengers are in the cab in order to analyze traffic load of different routes and choosing the best route for saving passenger’s time;
  • Using advanced information systems through the whole service period for free (including sending SMS to the passenger’s mobile when the cab request is recorded and showing the primary properties of booking, sending SMS when the cab is in the place requested by the passenger, sending SMS when cab leaves passenger to thank him/her);
  • Calling passenger within 24 hours in order to appraise his/her initial satisfaction from the service;
  • Special cabs of Kish Airline usually are in the place requested by the passenger at least 15 minutes earlier than what is expected.

How to Book a Cab

For making easier the cab request/order process it has been tried to conduct the mentioned process in the shortest possible time. Thus, apart from booking through phone calls, passengers can record their request for cab in the system when they are purchasing their flight ticket through Kish Airline online system.

For ordering cabs through phone, passengers can book their required transfer though calling 1828 and choose Kish Airers option and enjoy the special cab services which are special for Kish Airline passengers. For ordering cabs through online system, passengers can highlight the airport transfer services when they are completing the online flight ticket purchasing process; the related operators will call the passenger ASAP and will make the necessary arrangements.

Your request for airport transfer will be recorded without any cost in this phase.

How to pay taxi fare

Booking Taxi

In this system all Taxi fares are measured based on taximeter formulae and according to rates approved by the Tehran City Council, so fares are measured and received after using the services at the end of trips. Since our cabs are equipped with Points of Sail (POS) machines, passengers can pay their fares through cards of Shetab Network.

Executive Corporation (contractor) of Airport Transfer

As the airport transfer executive, Taxi Bisim Tehran (TBT) acts independent from Kish Airline. A number of features and achievements of TBT listed here:

  • The first private taxi service corporation in Iran with 10 years experience in intra-city transportation;
  • The first owner of ISO 9001-2000 in transportation industry;
  • The first owner of ISO 1004-2010 for customers’ satisfaction in transportation industry;
  • Owner of the first rank for customers’ satisfaction in transportation industry;
  • Taking advantage of Fleet Management System (FMS) in order to provide desirable services across all districts of Tehran City;
  • Using e-payment system (so called Shaparak) for taxi fares proper with all cards of Shetab Network;
  • Taking advantage of safety system for drivers and passengers in emergency cases;
  • Using advanced information system.

It is necessary to note that Kish Airline has no responsibility against the Airport transfer services and all responsibilities and consequences due to Airport Transfer Service are born by the contractor. Likewise, Kish Airline receives no monetary advantages from this service and all payments are for TBT.


In order to improve both quality and quantity of the new, differentiated and added-value services to passengers of Kish Airline, providing special and unique airport transfer services to Kish Airline passengers has been defined as a new and competitive strategy for the airline. Accordingly, some complementary services as the airline’s key strategies are offered in order to complete the service value chain. Airport Transfer Services are among new services of the airline for materializing the mentioned objective. The most important objectives followed by the service are:

  • Providing new services in domestic transportation industry as a pioneer airline;
  • Enhancing passengers’ satisfaction and respecting them;
  • Providing differentiated and new services;
  • Making and keeping continued connections with passengers;
  • Completing a part of travel value chain (travel package);
  • Creating secondary attraction;
  • Extending range of services.

Physical Coverage of the Project

For the first phase of the project, the airport transfer service will provide Kish Airline passengers with 24/7 services across all 22 districts of Tehran City. It is possible to provide the same service in other cities of Iran in the near future.